Inline Management is a group of focused professionals specializing in Owner Representation

Most municipal and private owners are not equipped to manage construction projects from financing to hiring contractors to overseeing the day-to-day progress. Few have the construction specialists and project managers on staff necessary to handle such complex, and often large-scale, endeavors. We fill that need.

There Is No Substitute for Experience in Construction Management

Inline Management was founded by construction professionals to specialize as the Owner’s Representative. Our singular focus means we deliver unmatched service by aligning ourselves with the goals and objectives of our client partners. Our core team has over 120 years of owner representative and construction project management experience.

Colorado Is Home – We Understand Our Regional Construction Environment

Inline’s thorough knowledge of state and local rules (permitting, inspection, etc.) at each phase of a project streamlines the process. Our previous work with the major architects, engineers, and contractors serving the education market allows us to assemble the most qualified, trusted, and effective teams on our client’s behalf.

Inline Management’s Team Was Assembled with Our Clients in Mind

The team was built to provide redundancies of knowledge, providing our clients with an efficient “double-check” operations system. Each Inline team member is held to a significant performance standard that results in consistently high client satisfaction.