At Inline Management, we partner with our owner/clients to form a true team for your facility development and construction. We create a strategy to meet and exceed your project’s goals. Our services begin in preconstruction and continue through post-construction.


Our extensive preconstruction services will put your mind at ease before construction even begins, allowing you to focus on the needs of your students. Helping you develop or review your master plan, determining the best delivery method for your particular project, facilitating contract negotiation, developing budgets and schedules . . . it’s all part of how Inline Management makes the process less stressful for you.


At the heart of your project is the construction of the facility – a time that is exciting and full of anticipation. Inline Management will take on tasks such as evaluating bids, coordinating utilities, and attending weekly OAC (owner/architect/contractor) meetings. We will make periodic site visits to check on progress, and keep you up-to-date via regular progress reports. Should change order requests arise during construction, we will evaluate and advise you on each one. At the end of construction, we will ensure all final inspections are complete and coordinate receipt of the Certificate of Occupancy.


Our services don’t stop just because your project is built! We will continue to advise you regarding substantial completion, project acceptance, and final payment. We will coordinate your receipt of Operation & Maintenance manuals, as well as warranties, and ensure that all contract stipulations have been met.

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